Arguments play a key part in our lives. They affect our relationships, our decision making and our ability to be responsible citizens. They are fundamental to the process of learning. But are children learning how to argue effectively in our schools? Are they learning to be critical, creative and collaborative thinkers?

The Good Reasoning Tree

The Good Reasoning Tree (GRT) is a tool that can develop the art of argument very efficiently with your students.

It starts with a proposition, explores the reasons for and against it, weighs up a conclusion, and then considers the consequences. Most importantly, it makes the critical thinking process of an argument crystal clear.

It’s also fun! The GRT invites collaboration and develops learners’ affective skills as much as their critical and creative thinking. ‘Being reasonable’ needs to involve the head and heart. Are your students both reasoning and ‘able to be reasoned with’?

GRT – A Short Introduction
(4 ½ mins)

GRT – Full Explanation
(15 mins)

Basic Version (A3)

Advanced Version (A3)

The GRT guide


"It was such an amazing lesson! It worked so well with looking at two sides of an argument and weighing them up. It has really helped our pupils understand deforestation to a deeper level. It was fab!"

Year 4 teacher, Newbury


Questioning Skills
(Zoom recording, 33 mins Spanish subtitles)

Evaluating ‘Transition’ from year to year
(3 mins)

‘Lego Thinking’ Activity – Philosophy for Children
(2 ½ mins)

‘Golden Lessons’ – risk-taking with your teaching
(2 mins)


Knock the Wall Down

A classroom activity to evaluate a discussion in terms of skills used.

Rate Your Discussion!

A scoring evaluation tool for student discussions.

Five Levels of Discussion

A formative assessment  tool for giving discussions one of 5 levels.

Metacognitive Questions

20 metacognitive questions for teachers and pupils

Questions for Facilitators

A range of questions for great thinking.


“Excellent CPD on Metacognition. Made it meaningful and relevant. Lots of practical ideas I can use straight away. Leaving feeling motivated and energized!”

Metacognition Course delegate