Outstanding teacher training

with Will Ord

“All of the staff say this was the best training they have had. This was INSET at its absolute best!."

Headteacher, Sept 2023.


Do you need some practical, inspiring, and evidence informed training that makes a real difference to your teachers and learners? 

Would your school – or school network – benefit from a professional trainer and keynote speaker who has thirty years of experience in over twenty countries?

Thinking person
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Thinking Education is here to help!  There are videos, course descriptions and some great resources on this website.

Will Ord in Argentina


Just call Will Ord on 07876 020150 or email willord@tiscali.co.uk to arrange a video call to chat through ideas that will suit your training needs and specific context.

Will Ord discussion

"Inspiring, knowledgeable, caring, funny.  Knows his stuff!  Expertly delivered citing case studies, advice and guidance. Also approachable."

P4C course delegate


A powerful tool to help people learn about the art of argument. Step by step, it guides them through a process of thinking about a proposition and helps them to decide what they think about it.

The Good Reasoning Tree

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